Giovanni Maria Pavan
Principal Investigator

Full Professor (Professore Ordinario) at Politecnico di Torino (IT) & at SUPSI (CH). Head of Computational Physical Chemistry (CPC) Lab @PoliTO (IT) & of Computational Materials Science Lab @SUPSI (CH). G.M. Pavan has extensive experience in the field of advanced molecular simulation and multiscale modelling of complex molecular systems in various conditions. Examples span from supramolecular polymers to dynamic nanoparticles, stimuli-responsive materials, complex interacting molecular systems, multivalency, molecular recognition, complex macromolecular architectures (e.g., hyperbranched dendrimers, dendrons, polymers, block copolymers, etc.)

Role in the project: He will lead all activities related to the computational and molecular modelling of the dynamic supramolecular systems that will be explored. A team of experienced researchers guided by G.M. Pavan will serve as the theoretical/computational reference in the research that will be developed herein for the whole duration of the project.